Microsoft DirectAccess is an enterprise VPN solution introduced with Windows Server 2008 R2. It was a paradigm shift for remote access technologies, featuring seamless, transparent, always-on corporate network connectivity for managed Windows devices. Not a VPN? DirectAccess is often referred to as a VPN solution. While that is technically correct, providing the same secure network […]

DirectAccess IP-HTTPS Not Working Properly in Windows Server 2019

After installing and configuring DirectAccess in Windows Server 2019 you may encounter an error message indicating that IP-HTTPS is not working properly. Looking at the Operations Status overview in the Dashboard of the Remote Access Management console shows that the IP-HTTPS interface is in error. IP-HTTPS Route Error Viewing the detailed Operations Status shows the […]

SSL and TLS Training for Always On VPN Administrators

Understanding Transport Layer Security (TLS) is essential for Always On VPN administrators. TLS (formerly Security Sockets Layer, or SSL) is used not only for Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP), the protocol of choice for the Always On VPN user tunnel in most deployments, but many other technologies such as secure websites and email, Remote Desktop […]

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