F5-BIG-IP Load Balancing

When deploying Microsoft enterprise mobility solutions such as Windows 10 Always On VPN and DirectAccess, more than one server may be required to meet capacity requirements or provide local and/or geographic redundancy. NLB Windows Server features an integrated load balancer called Network Load Balancing (NLB). It is an inexpensive way to create a cluster of […]

DirectAccess IP-HTTPS Performance Issues

Performance issues with DirectAccess are not uncommon. In fact, there are numerous threads on Microsoft and third-party forums where administrators frequently complain about slow download speeds, especially when using the IP-HTTPS IPv6 transition technology. Based on my experience the problem does not appear to be widespread but occurs with enough regularity that it is worthy […]

DirectAccess IP-HTTPS and Symantec SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is required to support the IP-HTTPS IPv6 transition technology when configuring DirectAccess. Implementation best practices dictate using a public SSL certificate signed by a trusted third-party vendor such as Entrust, Verisign, DigiCert, and others. SSL certificates issued by a private PKI are acceptable if the client trusts the issuing CA. Self-signed certificates […]

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