Always On VPN Class-Based Default Route and Intune

In a recent post, I described how to configure routing for Windows 10 Always On VPN clients. In that article, I shared guidance for disabling the class-based default route in favor of defining specific routes for the VPN client. While this is easy enough to do when you use custom XML (deployed via PowerShell, SCCM, […]

Always On VPN Device Tunnel with Azure VPN Gateway

Always On VPN is infrastructure independent, which allows for many different deployment scenarios including on-premises and cloud-based. In Microsoft Azure, the Azure VPN gateway can be configured to support Windows 10 Always On VPN client connections in some scenarios. Recently I wrote about using the Azure VPN gateway for Always On VPN user tunnels. In […]

Always On VPN May 2023 Security Updates

Hey, Always On VPN administrators! It’s the second Tuesday of the month, which means security updates for Windows have been released. This month’s batch includes an update to address a critical vulnerability likely to affect many Always On VPN implementations using Windows Server. SSTP Vulnerability CVE-2023-24903 documents a vulnerability on Windows Servers with the Routing […]

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