Always On VPN Book

My latest book entitled “Implementing Always On VPN” (ISBN 978-1484277409) is now available. This book is a comprehensive implementation guide with detailed, prescriptive guidance for planning, designing, implementing, and supporting Always On VPN. It includes detailed information for configuring and deploying Always On VPN using implementation and security best practices gained from many years of deployment experience for organizations worldwide. It also covers many deployment scenarios and advanced configuration options not documented anywhere else.

Implementing Always On VPN will be essential reading for administrators preparing to adopt this technology and those who have already deployed it. The book covers vital topics such as infrastructure planning and server configuration. It includes a discussion of advanced designs such as cloud integration and Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune deployment.

In addition, an entire chapter is devoted to certificate deployment using Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune. Also, deploying Always On VPN using Azure VPN gateway and Azure VirtualWAN are covered in detail. High availability and geographic redundancy options are discussed, as well as options for monitoring and reporting. The final chapter in the book is dedicated to troubleshooting.

Implementing Always On VPN is available in print or electronic versions.

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Chapter List

  1. Always On VPN Overview
  2. Plan for Always On VPN
  3. Prepare the Infrastructure
  4. Configure Windows Server for Always On VPN
  5. Provision Always On VPN Clients
  6. Advanced Configuration
  7. Cloud Deployments
  8. Deploy Certificates with Intune
  9. Azure MFA Integration
  10. High Availability
  11. Monitor and Report
  12. Troubleshooting

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