Always On VPN Training

Windows 10 Always On VPN Hands-On Training Classes for 2020

Microsoft Windows Always On VPN deep-dive workshops take place in various locations around the world each year. As Microsoft continues to move away from DirectAccess in favor of Windows Always On VPN, many organizations must now come up to speed on this new technology. Spoiler alert…it’s not trivial to implement! There’s lots of moving parts, critical infrastructure dependencies, and many configuration options to choose from. Additionally, Windows Always On VPN is managed in a completely different way than DirectAccess, which is sure to present its own unique challenges.

Comprehensive Education

My Windows Always On VPN deep-dive workshops will cover all aspects of designing, implementing, and supporting an Always On VPN solution in the enterprise. This four-day course will cover topics such as…

  • Windows Always On VPN overview
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Planning and design considerations
  • Installation, configuration, and client provisioning
  • Intune configuration management

Advanced topics will include…

  • Redundancy and high availability
  • Cloud-based deployments
  • Security configuration best practices
  • MFA considerations
  • Post-deployment optimization

Windows 10 Always On VPN Hands-On Training Classes for 2018

Reservations Available Now!

Reservations are being accepted immediately for classes around the world. The cost for this 3-day hands-on, in-depth training class is $4995.00 USD. You can register today for a seat in one of the training classes by filling out the form below. If you are interested in attending a training class in another location, fill out the form and let me know. I’ll be sure to put you on the waiting list for an upcoming training class in your area. Locations outside the U.S. will also be considered.

Group discounts are available. Private training sessions for large organizations are available upon request. Dates and times subject to change or cancellation.

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