What is a VPN?

What is a VPN?VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a technology that uses authentication and encryption to create a secure, private network connection over an untrusted network such as the public Internet. There are many different types of VPNs and many different use cases. VPNs commonly use security technologies such as IP Security (IPsec) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect VPN communication. Client-based (remote access) VPNs are often deployed by businesses to allow their remote users to connect securely to on-premises resources. Site-to-Site VPNs can be used to connect networks in different physical locations. Consumers might also use a VPN service to browse the Internet anonymously or to protect sensitive communication over an untrusted network such as a public Wi-Fi network. Cybercriminals even make use of VPNs, often using it to provide anonymity and to circumvent security controls.

What is DirectAccess?

DirectAccess is a type of remote access VPN developed by Microsoft. It provides seamless, transparent, and always-on remote network connectivity for managed Windows clients. It is typically deployed by large enterprise organizations to enhance remote worker productivity and to improve visibility and management for company-owned devices. DirectAccess is a Windows-only solution and does not support non-Windows clients of any type. Further, DirectAccess clients must be running Enterprise edition and must be joined to a domain. DirectAccess uses authenticated IPsec for security and relies exclusively on IPv6 for transport. IPv6 transition technologies and translation components allow DirectAccess clients to connect to IPv4 resources. DirectAccess is included in the Windows Server and Client operating systems and is supported in both Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10.

What is Always On VPN?

Always On VPN is a new twist on VPN developed by Microsoft. It uses traditional client-based VPN components and enables them to be used in a seamless, transparent, and always on manner just like DirectAccess. Always On VPN is a Microsoft only solution and is only supported in Windows 10. Clients do not have to be running Enterprise edition and do not have to be joined to an Active Directory domain.

How Does Always On VPN Compare with DirectAccess?

Fundamentally Always On VPN provides the same service as DirectAccess. They both provide seamless, transparent, and always on remote network access. The technologies used by each are a little different, but the end user experience is identical. Always On VPN does include more security features and also supports modern authentication. For more detailed information about the similarities and differences between DirectAccess and Always On VPN, click here.

What is a VPN Proxy?

A VPN proxy is a service used by consumers to ensure private web browsing and Internet access from any location. They can be used to protect sensitive communication such as banking web sites when accessed over untrusted connections such as public Wi-Fi connections.

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