Installing Windows 8 Enterprise on the Microsoft Surface Pro for DirectAccess

Recently I wrote about the fact that the Microsoft Surface Pro is not supported as a DirectAccess client, because it ships with Windows 8 Professional pre-installed. Only Windows 8 Enterprise (and Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate) are supported for DirectAccess. However, that doesn’t mean that the Surface Pro will never support DirectAccess. I simply meant to state that the Surface Pro didn’t support DirectAccess out-of-the-box. That said, using your Surface Pro with DirectAccess will require installing Windows 8 Enterprise edition. Thankfully my good friend Kurt Shintaku documented in detail the steps required to accomplish this. Once you’ve completed these steps you should be able to join your Surface Pro to a domain and enable it as a DirectAccess client just like any other Windows 8 Enterprise device. Have fun!

Update: Read my post on how to install Windows 8 Enterprise and configure DirectAccess on the Microsoft Surface Pro here.

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