NetMotion Mobility with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Intune

NetMotion Mobility with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and IntuneNetMotion Software and Microsoft have now partnered to integrate NetMotion Mobility with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Intune. NetMotion Mobility is a purpose-built enterprise VPN solution that has many advantages over competing remote access technologies. Using Microsoft Endpoint Manager or Intune, organizations can now quickly and easily provision NetMotion client software to their managed devices.

NetMotion Mobility

NetMotion Mobility is a popular remote access solution designed to meet the needs of enterprise organization with diverse mobility requirements. NetMotion Mobility uses a proprietary transport protocol that, unlike any other solution, is designed for mobility from inception. It includes many advanced features not found anywhere else. You can learn more about NetMotion Mobility here.

Comparing DirectAccess and NetMotion Mobility

Endpoint Manager and Intune

More information about the NetMotion Software and Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Intune partnership here.

Additional Information

5 Things NetMotion Mobility Can Do that Microsoft DirectAccess Can’t
5 Things NetMotion Mobility Can Do that Microsoft Windows 10 Always On VPN Can’t
Comparing NetMotion Mobility and Microsoft DirectAccess

Evaluate NetMotion Mobility

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  1. James

     /  March 12, 2020

    So did Microsoft give up on AOVPN and acquire someone else’s solution? Lets be honest here; AOVPN is plagued with issues and is unreliable in it’s current state.

    • No, Microsoft did not give up on Always On VPN. However, they are always looking to integrate with partners that provide value added services like this. Always On VPN is pretty basic, but there are other advanced technologies like NetMotion Mobility that are a better fit for large enterprises. Same goes for backup, for example. Sure, you can use the native backup feature of Windows, but enterprise organizations typically use a commercial product like Veeam or Symantec Backup. 🙂

      For the record, Always On VPN has gotten much better in the last year or so. I’m using on Windows 10 1909 and it has been quite stable recently. If you haven’t tired it since the early days 1607/1703 you might want to take another look. Sure, NetMotion Mobility and others are still better, but it doesn’t suck like it used to!


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