Remote Access Questions and Answers Webinar Hosted by Kemp

Join me this Thursday, April 9 at 10:00AM EDT for a Remote Access Q&A session hosted by Kemp Technologies. During this free live webinar, I’ll be answering all your questions as they relate to enterprise mobility, remote access, scalability and performance, security, and much more. Topics are not limited to Kemp products at all, so feel free to join and ask me anything you like! Register now and submit your questions!

Remote Access Q&A Webinar Hosted by Kemp

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  1. Hi Richard,

    Hope you are well. I had a quick question, do you know if exclusions can be done on Device VPN tunnels. MS VPN Always-ON

    • No, but they aren’t necessary. Exclusions would only be necessary when force tunneling is enabled. However, the device tunnel supports split tunnel only. Using force tunnel on the device tunnel is not supported.


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