Windows Server 2012 Remote Access Management Service Memory Leak

When Windows Server 2012 is configured for DirectAccess or client-based remote access Virtual Private Networking (VPN), a memory leak may occur in the Remote Access Management service when remote clients access the Internet using the DirectAccess or VPN connection. Microsoft knowledgebase article KB2895930 describes the issue in detail and includes a link to the hotfix to resolve this issue.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012/R2 DirectAccess

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  1. marc

     /  September 8, 2014

    we installed the hotfix, but we still have mem leak issues, we are split tunneling, is there anything else we should look at? We have a case open with M/S but nothing has come from it yet.

    • It’s always possible that the leak could be something other than the remote access management service. Detailed investigation and troubleshooting should identify the source of the leak. I’m sure MS will locate something soon.

  2. victor bassey

     /  April 6, 2020

    Is this and issue with RRAS on server 2016 also? I’m having to reboot the RRAS servers almost every 5 days as RAM usage does seem to be release even when most users are disconnected.


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