Always On VPN DPC Demonstration

Recently I wrote about PowerON Platforms’ Always On VPN Dynamic Profile Configurator (DPC). This software solution enables administrators to natively provision and manage Always On VPN client configuration settings using Active Directory and group policy. In that post, I provided some high-level details about the product, along with a brief overview of its advanced features.

Demonstration Video

I have recorded a video demonstrating how to install and configure Always On VPN DPC and use its basic features. You will find that demonstration video here.

Advanced Features

Soon I will share more details about Always On VPN DPC and using its advanced capabilities to solve some common challenges faced by Always On VPN administrators. Stay tuned!

Learn More

Are you interested in learning more about PowerON Platforms Always On VPN DPC? Fill out the form below, and I’ll contact you with more information. In addition, you can visit to register for an evaluation license.

Additional Information

Always On VPN with Active Directory Group Policy

Always On VPN Dynamic Profile Configurator (DPC)

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  1. Oraat

     /  March 17, 2022

    So far been doing AO VPN with sccm and ps scripts. Works pretty ok but changes/removal is a nightmare as we need to rerun the scripts again and again.

    Registered DCP evaluation to my POC environment, and been playing with it a few days now, User and Device tunnel settings were done in 30 mins. Gpupdate /force and new tunnels appeared nicely. Old (ps script) tunnels were disabled, and later disappeared completely. Changes to tunnel ip ranges or other settings are amazing easy now, nice product.

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