DirectAccess Load Balancing Video

DirectAccess Load Balancing VideoConfiguring load balancing in DirectAccess is essential for eliminating single points of failure and ensuring the highest level of availability for the solution. The process of enabling load balancing for DirectAccess can be confusing though, as it involves the reassignment of IP addresses from the first server to the virtual IP address (VIP) for the cluster.

In this video I demonstrate how to enable DirectAccess load balancing and explain in detail how IP address assignment works for both Network Load Balancing (NLB) and external load balancers (ELB).

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  1. Hi
    I appreaciate this very helpfull Information about Direct Access with load balancing (NLB / ELB). The information ist very clear an straight forward. I have one issue I don’t understand from a Technical Point of view. Why we need nlb/elb also on the internal Interface of the DA Servers, what is the reason?
    Best regards bueschu

    • The only reason for enabling load balancing on the internal interface is to support the web probe host and NLS URLs if they are collocated on the DirectAccess server.


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